Intro to buisness plan and pricing.

With 5.5 billion being spent over the UK on Weddings its not surprising many people get into the field. The average cost of a wedding in 2005 was 16,000, thats a 50% increase from 1998.

With photographic packages charging up to £3,000 it leaves no question why it is so popular.

With Wedding photography being so popular and the almost all of the general public try a wavering hand to photography, it is very difficult to find a professional, and when you do it hurts the pocket.

However with photography it is very much,‘What you pay for is what you get’.

Wedding photography is a mutli million buiness to dable into, but what are the initial costs?


The first step in evaluating these costs would be to establish the necessities.


  1. Equipment needed for the job, This will be the camera’s and lenses, a decent camera and lenses will set you back around £6,000, however rentals will cost you substanially less. Although it will be throwing money away, if you dont have £6,000 laying around it would be the best option available to you.


  1. Website Cost, this will be where the client will look through the galleries, understand the package break down and what products we offer. nowadays if you have the know how, a website will only set you back the hosting fee, ranging from £12. Otherwise you will have to look into other means of design and development costs.


  1. Transport to the venues, when you land yourself a job its down to you to get there, it would be best to hire people that can drive other wise you are running at a risk of using public transport.



  1. Numbers and cost of Staff, how many staff members are really needed?

For wedding photography it is best to have one male and one female photographer, as they normally go into the brides and grooms rooms whilst they get ready before the ceremony. Staff should be prepared to work from 8am to 8pm if need be. This will cover the ceremony to first dance. The wages should be based on the hours on total they work in the day and deducted from the package cost. Staff are to be trained in photography and have experience in the field and editing. They should be comfotable with light room and photoshop and help in the book production. Staff have to be avalible seven days a week.










Step 2: The Product initial cost and production

  1. Cost of Printing –
  2. Cost of Framing -depended on size and number
  3. Cost of images on DVD
  4. Book Cost




Actual Cost of printing and framing:



Size Unframed Framed 
6×4 £1 £3.99
7×5 £2 £4.50
9×6 £2.45 £4.99
12×8 £3 £6.50
16×12 £3.45 £8.99
30×20 £6 £9.00



Client Cost of printing and framing:



Size Unframed Framed
6×4 £6 £30
7×5 £12 £30
9×6 £18 £45
12×8 £25 £75
16×12 £50 £150
30×20 £100 £250




The origional cost would be £5 a DVD.


Client Cost: Cost of DVD comes with the legal rights to the images and mass production, (disclaimer included)





DVD Cost
25 images £75
50 images £150
100 images £225
Complete DVD edition £350




Actual Cost of Book Production ( not including shipping +£3 )

The books will be produced by Blurb and there will be a 5-10 day delay from order to delivery.


Pages Softcover Hardback
30 £30 £50.54
40 £35 £60.89
50 £36 £60.89



Client Cost of Book Production ( not including shipping +£3 )



Pages Softcover Hardback
30 £100 £350
40 £150 £400
50 £200 £550





Step 3: Setting yourself ahead of your competitors

Look at buisness’s alike in your local area

Compete their prices, offering lower prices will provide more jobs and interest

Offer local venues your buisness cards and offer advertising for their venue when meeting a client.

Get stands at Wedding Fairs in London and Birmingham.

Word of mouth is a strong tool, use it

Putting AD’s in the local Newspapers

Pay for advertising with google, to increase hits to your site.

Offer 10% discount off in the first 3 months of opening.

Always show off the quality of your products, having physical copies when meeting clients increases deposits.


Step 4: Booking a Wedding

Bookings for meetings will be made over the phone

At the meeting, size of product and package will be discussed

Depending on how early they book, they could be given discount

The wedding times and location will be discussed.

Deposits will be made of £250 with a cancilation fee of £80

Clients will be informed on the standoff between the wedding and their product. This time will normally stand at 10-15days.

The week before the wedding the cost of the package will be settled, via cash/cheque preferbley or paypal via our website.

(The length of time we will cover at the wedding will be discussed, see at staff hours and packages for futher details)



Management structure:



Founder- Natalie Dersley

Head of company

Key investor

Main Photographer

Staff- Matthew Cornwell

2nd Photographer

Head of groom Photography

Charlotte swean

Back-Up Photographer





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