1,000 words



My role towards the exhibition was the catalogue that supported the exhibition, as well as being creative with the name chosen, where I suggested a play on the expo24 and exposure24 which is the standard number of frames a film and how many students that were on the course. The catalogue from the year before was very simplistic and although the feel for this year was similar, many of us were not aware of different ways to tackle a front cover. For example to have a picture or not? To use a collage or not?


Lisa Ward is head if second year graphic design students, I originally sought her out to assist in another project and she offered a group of her students that could not find placement as part of their second year project to us. In this time we would have a full team and a finished product.


Unfortunately the original project fell through, however the exhibition catalogue still needed completing. Three of us from the class offered our undivided attention in making executive decisions on behalf of the class and take control of the graphic designers.


This was a particularly difficult at times as there are 21 members of the class with very different ideas. So at the first group session with the class we pointed out what we would like to include and implement. The graphic designers would then collaborate their interpretation of these and present them to the class at a later date.


The three of us including, myself, Louise Greer and Dannielle Noble had to try and be constructive with the classes criticism. As each of us liked a different cover it went straight into voting polls.


Then from choosing a particular layout we then looked at small things Like Font, Gradient, Coloring and blending.


Within the class, someone had suggested a lighter ring around the logo on the cover.


Then our small team suggested contact details being placed on the back of the catalogue such of web address that had been set up by Pete lord for the entirety of the show.


Although there were weekly meetings on a wednesday morning the graphic designers had also invited us into their small group on Facebook to contact one another and to be able to look at the progress and suggest ideas.


The inner text was a problem at first as we were unaware of the layout, for example how many blank pages we were being allocated for introductions.

So we were not 100% whether text would be interrogated or not. It was Paul Smith whom asked a mentor to write a short piece for the catalogue due to its short time frame and haste.


I also helped out when asked to pull my own weight in assisting preparation for the gallery and giving up my time during the weekends to work at the gallery and aid sales.


The skills learnt and gained in this whole process, was necessity to detail, keeping within a time frame, making executive decisions on what we found would favour the group as a whole, people skills, leading skills and diplomacy. Due to our big numbers it was a mammoth task to keep everyone happy, however the design pleased most.

My six month plan is as follows:


I will be flying out to America very shortly to work with children over summer. I will be teaching an age range of 6-16 in darkroom photography, from chemi-grams to photograms to how a camera works using camera obscurer. My original passion to teach photography to 11-18years range is something I am focusing on in the near future.

The camp is focused on sports and marketing, so I will be assisting in that also.


The sports photography aspect this camp is offering me is also complimentary to my portfolio, I have been offered a semi professional gig in Coventry When I return also working with Coventry Bears Rugby league. I enjoy the sport and over this last year gained a passion for the photography aspect of sport, and is something I will further look into, even if it is something I will do on the side or as a small gig.


Until then my main focus is honing in the skills I have in photography and people and opening a small wedding photography business. Wedding photography is a multi million business to dabble into, but what are the initial costs? The costs are in fact rather low if you already have the equipment needed. A public place supports meetings with your cliental and there is something charming about a good coffee shop. Portfolios are portable and mock ups are cheap to order. The online site is also very cheap, in fact free. With nothing short of a good business partner and budgeting the business pay off if successful and very rewarding. And will help me in the cost of my PGCE at a later date to follow my passion in teaching in high schools.


Business promotion is normally word of mouth, search engines like google and wedding venue suggestions, the business would thrive better if venues would promote and so forth if the business also promoted them. business cards for wedding venues, wedding dress shops, hairdressers and so forth. My leaflet will be distributed to these stores and venues to aid in interest and to offer a rough price guide to prospective clients.


My business will include myself and my business partner whom will cover the grooms side of the photography in the morning, further detail is found on the blog, where there is a full business set up. The majority of skills needed in this field are strong, however It would be foolish of me not to look into the business start up further, as it isn’t my strongest point, like insurance, safety and external business promotion like wedding fairs.


To set up the business will take around a month including the site and mock up books to show cliental and a minimum start up fee of £100.



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